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    Hello everyone and welcome to The Warpath!

    The Warpath is a server created by our current owner, Scirrio, in the latter section of last year. Over the past few months the server has faced many different turns of events and we are now gradually moving back up and hoping to bring many great ideas and features to The Warpath!

    The Warpath was built from the grounds up from our small team and we still have a lot of ideas and features we would love to bring to the server!

    Here is a little introduction from Scirrio himself.
    "Hey Dwarves! I'm Scirrio the owner of this server that I've grown to love so dearly over the time we've spent on it! Before I created this server I was a builder and building is still my passion to this day alongside this server. Any build you see on The Warpath, is most likely created by me. At the beginning I never intended for The Warpath to grow so great as it has although I'm so glad that it has! You'll see me in and around the server a lot over the next few weeks specifically as the team and I work day and night on the server. I hope to see you there!"

    I'll give you a brief summary of our Senior Staff team!

    Scirrio -
    The one and only person who has no idea what he is doing yet acts like he does! (Shh, don't tell him we said that!)

    Harry -
    This man is someone who you will grow to love as you meet him. He will be managing basically anything and everything to do with the community and server as a whole. He will be working closely with Scirrio to improve the server.
    Fake - The person who you will see online usually working on new upcoming features while also making sure the server is running well.

    AboveTheLaw -
    We love this man dearly when we say it. He has helped the server tremendously over the past few months and helps us create some of our own custom features and plugins! (Say hey to him next time you see him online!)

    That's it! We thank you for taking the time to read this little, weird introduction. We hope to make this server as great as it can be!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by FAKExPOWER, Apr 9, 2017.

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