Impending Server Reset + 60% Off! (New Features & Fixes!)

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By FAKExPOWER on May 17, 2017 at 9:36 PM

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    The ores inside the cave are singing, axes are being sharpened, swords tempered, and bow drawn back. Assemble your faction, ready your sword, prepare your strategy - a reset is coming.

    The server will be reset this Friday, the 19th of May. We will be open to everyone to hop on at 4PM EST (9PM BST - UK Time).

    Hello Dwarves, we are proud to announce our first ever reset as well as major server updates! We don’t feel that it is right to announce this reset without giving you a little insight to the new features that are coming with the reset!


    F Top Prize!
    From the beginning of June onwards, at the end of this new season of The Warpath, the faction who is at the top of /f top will receive an amazing prize. The prize, will be for the top faction (#1) a $50 coupon for our buycraft store. For the second top faction (#2) a $35 coupon for our buycraft store. For the third top faction (#3) a $15 coupon for our buycraft store. The coupon will be handed to the leader of the faction at the time and it is up to them what they do with the coupon. So now we suggest you battle in order to become the faction amongst the top, specifically number one!

    For the reset, we have decided to create a completely new and completely redesigned spawn that will be smaller and a lot easier to navigate through for both the dedicated dwarves and the new dwarves who just joined the server for the first time! You’ll be able to find everything you need in spawn in a much closer radius.


    We have decided that it was only right to completely redesign the runes feature with bringing along some new runes! They will be essential for your battle to the top!

    Custom Enchantments
    Now, we will be bringing along 20 brand new enchantments which you will be able to buy with the chance of being one of the first to experience them! We believe they are amazing - we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

    Enchantment books will also now have success and destroy rates. For all of you who do not know what this means, it means that your book will now come with “% Success Rate” and “% Destroy Rate” attached to the book! This now means that you will not instantly be guaranteed to have your custom enchantment succeed and apply to your item instantly.

    Success Rates

    When applying a book to an item, the book will have a chance to apply - although there is also a chance now that it will not apply and you will lose the book. The chance you have to apply the custom enchantment successfully is given on the book itself, the higher the success rate, you will more likely get the enchantment you want!

    Destroy Rates
    Now, for when a Success Rate does not succeed, the book will have a chance to completely destroy the item you are hoping to add the custom enchantment to. The destroy rate will only come into consideration if the success rate does not succeed. So if you have a high destroy rate, you have a higher chance of losing your item! Now enchanting items with custom enchantment books will contain more of a risk!

    White Scrolls & Magic Dust
    White Scrolls

    Along with the new risk of your item being destroyed - we thought it was only right to give you a second chance of keeping your item! That’s what White Scrolls are for. A white scroll, once applied to your item will protect your item for if a destroy rate succeeded (meaning your item would have broken! Although the white scroll would have saved it!). Once a White Scroll protects your item once, it will be completely removed from your item so that the next time you add an enchantment, your item may break!

    Magic Dust
    Magic Dust is essential if you're looking to keep your item safe when applying a book! With the new magic dusts, all you need to do is apply them to your books and they will increase the success rate by however much % is on the dust! It's that simple and amazing!

    This reset, we have decided to remove our trusty /shop command which a lot of people relied on! Instead we have went for the old fashioned, true, factions approach! You will now find that in spawn there is a large shop - this will contain any and all items needed! Alongside the new shop build, we have decided to remake our prices in the shop! This means that they are more effective in keeping a safe and balanced economy!


    For most players, you will have to travel to the shop and use the in depth shop to sell all your items you wish to sell to the server. Although, for any Longbeards and above, we have decided to grant you access to the command /sellhand. This means you can sell anywhere on the go!


    We have kept the same crates as on the current build. Although! With this new reset, we thought it was only fitting to introduce a new crate! The Crate of Chaos! You’ll find all new amazing items just as in every previous crate, in the brand new crate.

    We have decided to introduce a brand new /warp wild which will contain a drop-down area which contains a war zone around it. Perfect for those adventurous dwarves to PvP in a new area!


    Whilst we bring all these new amazing features, we have also worked with the community to bring along a lot of fixes which were a constant annoyance in the current version of The Warpath.

    • The Sponge Glitch (Players were able to soak up water/lava in enemy territory).
    • Cannons Not Working (Players were not able to use cannons).
    • Runes Re-equipment (When players left spawn or teleported they needed to re-equip their runes for them to work again).
    • No Custom Enchantment Limit (There will now be a limit to 5 custom enchantments per item.
    • Previous Envoy Arena will be used as a Drop Down PvP area in spawn.
    • Reduced the /near distance from it's old value down to 250 blocks maximum.


    With this news, a lot of you will be confused and be wondering why were are resetting and what exactly is going to be reset. I can tell you now that all balances, inventories, player vaults are going to be reset, as well as the maps, and claims. In other words, it’ll be a completely fresh start for everyone in a balanced economy environment. All bans will be reset with an exception of “Server Threat” bans. Which are very few, this means everyone will have a second chance to play fair!

    I can also tell you that all of your donator ranks will not be reset! So you don’t have to worry about those! All faction power purchases will not be reset. All home purchases will not reset. All keys, lost books, and scrolls purchased in the last two weeks will be given to the buyers on the day of the reset (That is assuming that they are online!)

    The server will be reset this Friday, the 19th of May. We will be open to everyone to hop on at 4PM EST (9PM BST - UK Time).

    • The Warpath Administration Team

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by FAKExPOWER, May 17, 2017.

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