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  1. Stevedaboss1
    Stevedaboss1 Scirrio
    I Have a pic of the staff abusing and threating me to see my privicy so he can hack me
  2. Stevedaboss1
    Stevedaboss1 Scirrio
    Hello Owner One Of Staff Is Threating Me To See My Privitcy Without My Permission
  3. MakiDaPro
  4. TSNViper
    TSNViper VJO
    You had no evidence to make my ban acceptable buddy! You had no reason to do that just because I beat you in pvp lol
  5. VJO
    Ready to PVP >:).
  6. zFadee
    I would like to be Mod, I hope one of her team reads this!
  7. Flavor Town
    Flavor Town
    Y'all better check out our hot new YT vid and apply to join TARF eSports!
  8. Shurican
  9. FillWarmer
    I'm on the new profile post list!
  10. SimonCam04
    1. FillWarmer
      I believe the TeamSpeak is down atm :/
      Jun 13, 2017
  11. Redtrain22
    Awaiting certain doom to come
  12. RazerCombo
    RazerCombo Scirrio
    plzzz answer
  13. RazerCombo
    RazerCombo Scirrio
    hello what is the ts ip
  14. Protein
    will beat anyone in a whip and nae nae contest
  15. VitaminB12
    Scamming nibbas.
  16. Flavor Town
    Flavor Town
    Scheming and memeing is my specialty. If you don't like me you can just step off and eat my ass!!
  17. Shurican
    Hey my name is Fluxks, I'm active a lot in forum and in game. HMU you need anything.
  18. KipYT
    Setting Up my account
  19. FillWarmer
    Im on the New Profile Posts section!
  20. KraKra1_GamingYT
    If anyone knows a good faction let me know!!!