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Hello everyone!
Over the past few weeks, we've been getting an increasing amount of questions about rules and guidelines. We've also been getting complaints that some staff members are using new guidelines but the players have no idea what they were.

So today we are coming out with updated rules, hopefully these should resolve the constant questions and complaints that have been arising. Staff will also be more tolerable when giving out punishments, however, this does not mean you can go and freely annoy staff!
Hello there, Dwarves of the Warpath!
Prepare your gear and mastermind your strategy, for this Friday we will be organizing a mega KoTH event with a mystery YouTube star recording the during event. The winner of the KoTH event will not only receive eternal glory on YouTube, but will also be rewarded a 15$ Buycraft voucher that they can use any way they want. Don’t miss this event if you want a chance to play with our special YouTube guest!
Hey everyone! It’s Scirrio here!

So, the past few days we’ve been struggling with the reset. We had a very buggy launch, where the whole staff team tirelessly pulled through to make everything work. For the most part, we succeeded, everybody was happy. Exactly 4 minutes after I went to bed, player vaults were being wiped, inventories cleared, mcmmo reset, and the list goes on. Our manager Liam along with the help of ObeyMe, Dazza and others, stayed up to 8 AM to fix what was going on.
Everything was patched up and working correctly, but the Factions data was not recoverable.
We decided to reset again, ensuring that everyone got a fair chance. We released again, this time adding new features / fixes such as:

- Tinkerer
- Vote parties
- Improved world border
- Wild crate
- Auto armor switcher
- Correctly performed donor reward commands to keep the economy balanced

This time the reset went a lot better, bugs were patched within the hour (with the exception of a few). So the next morning I discovered our storage was completely filled after someone’s complaint of their inventory was reset. (This happened only to 2-3 people who will be obviously compensated.) I immediately restarted the server and whitelisted it to prevent further inventory loss. I can assure you everyone’s inventories/homes/balances/everything else are saved, and secure.

For the server to be up and running we are switching to a beefy Intel Core i7 6700k 4.2 GHz, 32GB DDR4 running at 2400 Mhz. We also obviously upgraded the storage of our system, we will be rocking out multiple large blazing fast SSD's and we will also purchase a separate database to keep backups on to ensure if something does go wrong, we’d have a very recent backup.

This whole incident has not only caused the players stress, and loads of negative emotion but has also caused for our senior staff team and I to have sleepless nights relentlessly working on the server patching bugs / issues...
Hello everyone, due to the unexpected increase of players, we’ve had an error with our databases/plugins. Since we do NOT have a custom factions plugin yet, we needed to urgently patch a few errors - Which of course our manager is in the process of attempting to resolve (Faction data might not be recoverable, but we’re trying our absolute best to make it work). This factions malfunction caused a few playervaults to be completely wiped and a few balances were also rolled back. Apart from that, no other harm was done to the server.

We are working on our best to try to resolve all the errors.
  • The Warpath Administration Team.

The ores inside the cave are singing, axes are being sharpened, swords tempered, and bow drawn back. Assemble your faction, ready your sword, prepare your strategy - a reset is coming.

The server will be reset this Friday, the 19th of May. We will be open to everyone to hop on at 4PM EST (9PM BST - UK Time).

Hello Dwarves, we are proud to announce our first ever reset as well as major server updates! We don’t feel that it is right to announce this reset without giving you a little insight to the new features that are coming with the reset!


F Top Prize!
From the beginning of June onwards, at the end of this new season of The Warpath, the faction who is at the top of /f top will receive an amazing prize. The prize, will be for the top faction (#1) a $50 coupon for our buycraft store. For the second top faction (#2) a $35 coupon for our buycraft store. For the third top faction (#3) a $15 coupon for our buycraft store. The coupon will be handed to the leader of the faction at the time and it is up to them what they do with the coupon. So now we suggest you battle in order to become the faction amongst the top, specifically number one!

For the reset, we have decided to create a completely new and completely redesigned spawn that will be smaller and a lot easier to navigate through for both the dedicated dwarves and the new dwarves who just joined the server for the first time! You’ll be able to find everything you need in spawn in a much closer radius.


We have decided that it was only right to completely redesign the runes feature with bringing along some new runes! They will be essential for your battle to the top!


Hello, Dwarves!

Today we will be doing the first of our weekly KOTH event on our custom map called "The Mineshaft"!​

What time will the event take place?
This event will take place every Saturday at 2PM EST (US) - this is 7PM BST (UK).

What is the prize for this event?
The winner of the KOTH will receive 15 Crate of the Elders keys & 1 Iron Golem spawner.

I hope tonight's event will be a success and I can't wait to see all of you there! <3​


Hey, Dwarves!

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard on creating and updating the server the best we can to bring you new features and amazing gameplay.

Here's a little information on what we have done:
  • New Crates
  • New Voting System & Rewards
  • Lottery
  • Coinflip
  • Envoy Changes
  • Store Updates (Still being worked on!)
We, the administrative team have been excited to bring you these new updates.

With the handy command /coinflip (or /cf) you can open a GUI and battle against other players in a game of "Heads or Tails"! You both decide and bet on the same amount of money - only one will win and take it all!


Similar to Coinflip - you can purchase tickets each costing you $25,000! Once the timer has ended, each ticket is put into a draw and the winner will instantly receive at least 20% of all the money generated from all purchased tickets!


As you can see we have reworked our voting system. We have now added Cumulative Rewards if you vote continuously. There is also Lucky Rewards which will only appear every so often to the lucky player. We have also edited the default rewards for voting too! For more, you can use /vote!

If you travel to /warp Crates you can see that we have completely recreated our famous crates. No longer will you see "Blessings", "Valaya", "Grimnir" and all our old crates! Now we will have a traditional Voting Crate, Grimnir's Vault, Gorks Warchest and the Crate of Elders! Only the rich and lucky will obtain all their amazing rewards!


Envoy Changes
Every so...
Hey Dwarves!

To celebrate the hard work and achievements of our staff members this month, our management team has picked out three staff members who have stood out from their fellow staff for their dedication, thoughtfulness, and for going above and beyond the call of duty. This month, we have picked the following three staff members:
  • [Mod] Dazza
  • [Mod] Lepercy
  • [Helper] SimonCam04
You can vote for the staff member you think should win staff of the month on the poll below, and they'll recieve a special tag and a present! So, if you want to show one of our staff members just how much you appreciate them, vote for them on the poll!

Click here to be taken to the poll!

Hey, guys! We have a new server trailer. I would appreciate if you would like, share and subscribe!


Hello everyone and welcome to The Warpath!

The Warpath is a server created by our current owner, Scirrio, in the latter section of last year. Over the past few months the server has faced many different turns of events and we are now gradually moving back up and hoping to bring many great ideas and features to The Warpath!

The Warpath was built from the grounds up from our small team and we still have a lot of ideas and features we would love to bring to the server!

Here is a little introduction from Scirrio himself.
"Hey Dwarves! I'm Scirrio the owner of this server that I've grown to love so dearly over the time we've spent on it! Before I created this server I was a builder and building is still my passion to this day alongside this server. Any build you see on The Warpath, is most likely created by me. At the beginning I never intended for The Warpath to grow so great as it has although I'm so glad that it has! You'll see me in and around the server a lot over the next few weeks specifically as the team and I work day and night on the server. I hope to see you there!"

I'll give you a brief summary of our Senior Staff team!

Scirrio -
The one and only person who has no idea what he is doing yet acts like he does! (Shh, don't tell him we said that!)

Harry -
This man is someone who you will grow to love as you meet him. He will be managing basically anything and everything to do with the community and server as a whole. He will be working closely with Scirrio to improve the server.
Fake - The person who you will see online usually working on new upcoming features while also making sure the server is running well.

AboveTheLaw -
We love this man dearly when we say it. He has helped the server tremendously over the past few months and helps us create some of our own custom features and plugins! (Say hey to him next time you see him online!)...​